Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Conan w/axe recreation....from a Joe Jusko picture.

I love comic art and I love CONAN and I love original works by popular greats...but sometimes an original piece might be out of ones price range...so...being an artist myself ( I attended the Joe Kubert school for 2 years ) I decided to recreate the image of CONAN I loved so much that I recently saw online by Joe Jusko. It's a huge 10 by 15 image that took me abour 5 hours to complete...drawing it just right and then it needed to be inked. It was fun all the way. So I posted it on facebook. I got some compliments and some like clicks. Then Joe Jusko himself chimed in and said..." Great Job Mike ,I'm Flattered " So me...being the big knucklehead dumb dumb that I am said..." Don't be flattered Joe be proud...blah blah blah blah" I'm such a nit wit. Anyway...I really appreciated the fact Joe himself took a moment to pass a compliment....that I should have just said thank you to. Anyway...I got me a nice big CONAN drawing that I can thank Joe for...as I see it...it's not mine. It's a copy of Joe's. Thank you Mr. Jusko for being an inspiration....I got my blood moving now and I am motivated to do more. I hope whoever is interested enjoys my blog...because If you read this thing...you'd know who I am. I just love this stuff and can never get enough!

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