Tuesday, December 4, 2012


A few years back I sold 2/3 of my comic book collection my BLACK LIGHTNING run went along with the package.  So I looked up the lot on ebay and ordered them to replace my lost collection. 11 comics for 14.99 seemed like a fantastic bargain so I bought them right up.
Back when these comics came out I was around 11 years old and one of my favorite comic book characters was Marvel comics' POWERMAN  I was iimediately drawn to BL because of the costume design it jumps right out at you and this costume goes down in my book as one of the greatest costume designs in comic book history.  The idea he was an exploitation character went right over my head.  I was 11 innocent to things like that...he was just a cool Super Hero.  I can't wait to open that package up and re-read all these comic books one more time and pour over the art and enjoy the stories from a more innocent time in my life.  Wiffle ball in the street , Two hand touch , Riding bikes with Baseball cards int the spokes and COMIC BOOKS...I love comic books.

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