Thursday, October 27, 2011

Blogging with dignity and class.

I’ve seen it before on other blogs and I‘ve seen other Blog Authors comment about it but just recently I experienced it myself. On one of the blogs I contribute to I published a blog post. I garnered a lot of traffic and interest with my topic. When I write I generally leave room for someone to question a statement or comment and or theory. I was discussing the hypothetical’s regarding the origin of one particular subject.
Well first one guy chimed in to dispute some of the things I said. I diplomatically reminded him these were just theory and not decisive conclusions and should not be questioned as if they were. He was satisfied with my rebut.
I saw this one fella here and about on the blog following that one posting. I though “ Cool , another follower! “ Well another commenter came in and started verbally berating the other guy and he in turn shot back with more nanny nanny poo poo…like two 1st graders they were.
When we write these blogs it is because we are passionate about something and want to have fun doing it. Some people just blog for the fun of it…with adult themed blogs one needs to answer a consent for and so on and that’s all fine. It is all in the spirit of fun and it’s lighthearted as it should be. But I believe there are some people who just want to cause trouble and grief and start fights…for the fun of it.
There is no real way to block these folks…anonymous comments can be blocked in the settings to prevent drive by’s and hit and runs.
But seriously…childish nonsense? “ I know more than you!” and “ You’re a hypocrite!” and blah blah blah and my word is more credible than yours and so on.
Grow up. It’s like Sheldon Cooper and Howard from BIG BANG THEORY came to the blog and showed us what kind of dweebs they are.
Not to sound cliché but..” Can’t we all just get a long?”
In the world of Robert E Howard’s CONAN….there are several different theories based on when and where the Hyborian age was and people add their usually welcome two cents and that is all well and good. Until they start with trying to preach the facts to you.
I kind of noticed something. It is similar to religion. Like STAR WARS or The Lord of the Rings…Conan has fanatical followers. It’s not just a hobby or an interest or regular old fandom…it’s pretty much a religious devotion.
So I’ll tell the people now what I tell Born again Christians or Jehovah’s witness’ when they come around. “ I understand and recognize your passion and respect that this is the way you live your life and feel you must spread the word. But I saw you coming a mile away and now I must tell you…I believe the way I want to believe and that is my right. To tell me I am wrong…is wrong. You can’t tell me what to think and feel…freedom of choice is my prerogative. So read your book and study all you want…what you interpret on your own is what will drive you. What I interpret is going to be different from what you got out of it. To attempt to bend me one way or the other will only point out that you are a Banana nut muffin.
I understand that. Now you need to understand that. We can agree to disagree without the drama show or the sermon. If one can’t help oneself then at least try. Nobody is your enemy in the beginning so why antagonize and instigate? It’s childish. What you’re doing is showing the world and other people who visit the blog that you are irrational and will write you off as a crack pot.
While your points may have been valid your attitude dictates how you will be perceived. So the main point here is for people to learn how to agree to disagree and everyone will be happy.
But to resort to name calling and broadcasting your connections and how much you know is just as childish as when you were being attacked and berated by the other numbskull who insists on creating a competition out of everything.
It’s not what you know or even who you know…it’s how you conduct yourself. Nes’ pa?
More covers to come...hang in there.

Meanwhile check out this link. xkcd: Duty Calls

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