Monday, October 17, 2011

Jack Kirby's " The Demon "

Jack Kirby's DEMON has to be one of my all time favorite Kirby creations. The origin , the prose and rhyme..." Gone Gone o' form of man , rise the DEMON Etrigan " Wow...just wow.
It's one of the few things that creeped me out that also kept me wanting more. These covers here represent my favorite thing about Kirby's compositions. In one panel you get a whole story...People laud Will Eisner for his masterful and expert sequential storytelling . Jack Kirby was quite the masterful storyteller himself.
Look at the apparitions created by Etrigan on the cover of the DEMON number 13 here. Self explanatory.
Look at the Castle courtyard behind the Inspector and his men on the cover of the DEMON number 2...need I say more. Kirby had a way about him so unique to him alone that was both simplistic yet intricate all at the same time.
Not just anyone can ink Kirby either. You'd need to understand the complex placing of blacks in the shading in relation to the aspect of the figure or buildings being inked.
I've read these comics through and through several times over and still am amazed. Sure the Marvel universe and the FF and the X-men have all been part of Jacks legacy and Dynasty...but the DEMON and the NEW GODS and all of Kirbster's FOURTH WORLD creations are among some of the greatest comic books ever produced and printed in four color dynamic glory.
These are my favorite DEMON covers.

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