Monday, October 31, 2011

" Has everyone gone CRAZY ? "

A hand colored recreation by Marie Severin and Herbe Trimpe... the classic cover from CRAZY number 3...
Crazy magazine…What started out in the late 1960’s ( Actually in the 1950's Atlas comics which would later become Marvel already had a MAD style comic book titled CRAZY. A total coincidence ? I think not...) as NOT BRAND ECHH a parody comic book where Marvel in a “MAD , Kurtzman” style satirized the world of movies TV and comics… Marie Severin contributed and helped to create some of the funniest stories with some of the greatest artwork. It was a short lived series…as genius as it was it just did not have the same punch as the serious Super Hero stuff. But they were not done. It the early 1970’s they reprinted some of the ECHH material in a new package and called it CRAZY…some of the coolest covers were on the first 3 issues of that comic. All by Mirthful Marie. But yet..they were not done!!! MAD magazine was still going strong and they reformatted CRAZY into a black and white magazine ready to go head to head with MAD magazine and CRACKED and NATIONAL LAMPOON! It lasted for many years and kept going strong for quite a bit. I loved the idea there were Super Hero parody segments in just about every issue.
A few years ago ( about 6 ) There was a comic book store going out of business…the old man was retiring and moving away to some green pasture somewhere. He was having SICK,MAD CRAZY blowout sales…and during that sale I acquired the first 10 issues of CRAZY magazine for a buck a piece. To me that was like hitting the jackpot. I bought those babies up and went on home to read myself silly! I did….read myself silly. My favorite issue of CRAZY is number 90…with Obnoxio the clown striking the famous Frazetta pose for the issue that parodied CONAN the Barbarian. A funny little story too…I highly recommend to anyone who loves to laugh and loves comics…find these books on e-bay or wherever
Get them read them and be a better person because of it. These are my favorite CRAZY covers!

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