Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The cover to my ash can HOLY WAR

In 1995 a friend of mine and myself decided we were going to print up a comic book, He came up with his character and I...mine. At first I had a Captain America clone. It was a character named "Glory Boy" he was a kid...BUCKY/ROBIN type...but he was the lead in the light hearted almost Archie comics MLJ kind of world I created for him. At the last minute in a stroke of inspiration I decided to change the character and instead whipped up HOLY WAR in a week flat. I drew and inked the story in a week. The actual comic will be posted later...but. This is the ash can. We actually went to a few conventions and handed out free ash cans and drew pictures for anyone who wanted one. I drew Conan and Thor and Wolverine and even a BatMan. In some ways I'd like to have printed up the Glory Boy comics instead but I'm pretty fond of my slapped together hackneyed Ash Can. I am proud of my attempt and even had very nice compliments from a few pro's about my quirky yet oddly appealing style. I was told by one note worthy professional that I was ready and to peddle my stuff around. ( He shall go nameless tro protect his I.D. ) Only one thing bugs me about this though. I certainly could have done a better job on the F'N LOGO! Look...it's pathetic. Anyway...enjoy. :)

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