Sunday, October 9, 2011

ERB Reissues -

I was walking around in the bookstore last night just looking over the same material with the same M.O. as I always do and came across these two pretty damned cool new 2011 editions of ERB classics...the first series of Tarzan tales with a new cover by a guy whose name I believe is Mandrake...can't really tell yet. I did not buy the book but intend to for the new fantastic cover. I really don't like the DISNEY inspired dred locks look but the rest of the painting evokes a Frazetta feel.

The John Carter book is also a classic tale wrapped in a new cover. This artist I can't make out as his signiture is a squiggle. But because of the new cover I will buy the book. I can print out the covers right from my pc...but I want to add these to my coolection. If you never read either book. Well now is the time.

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