Tuesday, October 11, 2011

And now ...My humble opinion.

People who have found God and faith in religion and turned their lives around are better off than they were. Drugs and the inability to control themselves and maintain their composure and not let their bad habits and wants and desires get in the way of progress and success in their daily life was definitely not the way to go. To find something that helps them control their urges and weaknesses like religion is moreover probably the best thing for them. Providing they do not regress and go back to drugs or alcohol.
But their minds are as weak as ever and they begin to preach and judge and think they are right and push their new found faith and beliefs on people who already have it together. God does not discriminate. If a person lives their life while being kind and generous to others then that person is a good person. Just because they follow a different set of beliefs than someone else does not mean they will go to hell because of certain said beliefs.
These addictions that were ruining their lives have now been redirected to controlling their problems through the new found faith in God. So they rattle on passages and phrases from the Bible. They recite scripture and then follow their inane blather up with “ Praise God “ or words to that affect. If a person’s life can turn around due to a renewed faith in God…that is good.
But you can’t tell them that they can’t run off at the mouth to you about God and turning yourself away from sin. They insist it is you who are in denial and need saving. When they themselves don’t realize that it is they themselves who are the one who needed saving. What do you do with people like that. My answer is…be happy in the fact that they are no longer drinking or doing drugs. Take comfort in that. The human mind has a way of coming around and fixing itself. Provided there is no long term chemical imbalances due to their past of drug use. We must patronize and condescend and be an ear for them as they go through their metamorphosis. Eventually their mind will become more clear and their thinking will be more stable and they will begin to exhibit signs of a new sense of rationale. Oh..they will still have faith in God because they are now immersed in the belief system of whatever religion saved them from themselves. But they will also no longer judge everyone who does not believe what they do. They won’t tell you about how you’re going to hell anymore. They will realize about balance and boundaries and which lines must not be crossed as a new awareness envelopes their mind. It takes great patience and an extra degree of tolerance to see it trough until they come to that sense of awareness. One thing that can’t be done in cases like these is argue with the person. They must be chided and affirmed in order to help them along.
Whether or not you believe in God and follow a religion is a choice. We have these choices because we have the freedom to choose. Something nobody can take away. But one thing is for sure. Don’t be pushing your mumbo jumbo on me and then tell me I don’t have a choice!

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