Saturday, August 27, 2011

SGT ROCK ~ SHOWCASE TRADES we all know on the East coast there is a Hurricane coming through many of the things I was going to do on my vacation are cancelled. Atlantic city , JETS AT GIANTS , JETS FAMILY DAY at HOFSTRA ( It rained for 10 minutes big deal ) Oh I can still go to the game but guess what? I gotta go back to work on the day of the postponed game. SHIT! everyone has probably guessed by now I'm a bit pissed off. BUT there was a light at the end of the tunnel. BORDERS BOOKS is going out of business. So...I was there and guess what? I found 3 volumes of SHOWCASE PRESENTS SGT. ROCK! I bought them all at 50% off

30 bucks for three awesome trade collections of one of the greatest comic book icons this side of SUPERMAN , TARZAN and CONAN! I already have 3 volumes of the archives but...they're still sealed....and I do have about 40 issues of OUR ARMY AT WAR....but I don't take them out and handle them for GOD sakes! Now I can pick up the trade and read the most awesome war stories drawn by my former mentor and a man who taught me a lot about sequential comic art.

JOE KUBERT is a true Master a man who can literally draw anything...he served in the BIG ONE and still writes and draws comics. He's a legend and his indelible ink is inked into my mind and life in an indelible fashion...I sometimes look at my work and see tiny little KUBERT -ism's right in the middle of my BUSCEMA - ism's.

If anything good came out of this's these 3 books.....I can pick them up and read them at any damned time I want! Go get your own...I recommend it.

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