Thursday, August 4, 2011

B'wana Beast!

As a kid one of the coolest characters I ever came across was this guy. He had a cool helmet and ran around the jungle like Tarzan and had a Gorilla sidekick...everyone else had a dog or cat or horse of tiger or lion but not almighty B'wana! He had a cool power too. He could meld two animals together and make one big giant super beast. Of course he can communicate with wild animals and all that good stuff. Something about this cool Mike Sekowsky/Joe Giella cover mesmerised me. I always loved the way Mike drew super heroes...he really had a knack for it.
One of the coolest things about this issue was the CAPTAIN ACTION ad ...It looks like Curt Swan's art in the ad...I always wondered just who did draw that. I'd appreciate any input anyone could give me. In the coming weeks I'll see if I can post that ad.

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