Monday, August 15, 2011


Joe Jusko has been doing superb work with his covers for the John Carter comic books. Each and every cover a serious masterpiece. The particular thrill to seeing Joe doing John Carter comes not only from the fact that he's busting them out so quickly but he's not losing a step in quality in any way shape or form. Like Frazetta , Jones , Boris or any of his other contemporaries or any other fantasy artist Jusko's skill and style are legendary. He already has about 2 dozen John Carter , Dejah Thoris covers in print and on shelves and in collections! I cannot wait for one whole collection of Joes work ( All these covers in one book ) I used to think you can't get any better than those Joe Jusko savage sword covers...each one a stand alone masterpiece...then he goes and blows all our minds with these genius pieces of work. Keep making us HAPPY JOE! We will always be here to enjoy your work! Continue to continuously blow our minds with your skill.

More to come...I want to see if I can cram all his covers on the blog in the days to come!

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  1. I really hope that Dejah Thoris is dressed like that in the JCM movie...