Monday, August 15, 2011

John Carter WARLORD of MARS

DO YOU REMEMBER MY HAVING TOLD YOU OF THE MANY TIMES I SPENT IN THE HOSPITAL AS A CHILD DUE TO A SERIOUS KIDNEY DISEASE? Well I may not have explained to you why I was in the hospital but I did say I was there. I told you in several posts that my Mom and Dad used to come and visit me and bring me a stack of comics...sometimes just 1. In this case my Dad picked out the comic book because Tarzan was mentioned on the cover and he knew how much I loved me some Tarzan! everyone knows John Carter WARLORD of MARS and TARZAN are brothers of a that their creator EDGAR RICE BURROUGHS was also in essence their Dad.

My Dad probably did not know how much of a thrill giving me JCWOM # 1 was to me...first of all it was a first issue , then the cover was drawn by Gil Kane who I recognized Johnny on the spot from his CONAN contributions. I knew of John Carter from the Tarzan family comics by DC comics a couple of years prior and to see him with Marvel comics drawn by a CONAN artist I was in heaven. I mmediately got lost in the story and eagerly awaited the following issue. I made sure I was down at the candy store every week with my allowance looking for each issue as it came out. I am happy to say that I saw the trailer for the upcoming JOHN CARTER movie and cannot wait. One of the greatest adventure characters of all time is getting the attention he deserves.

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