Saturday, April 9, 2011

UNCLE SAM , Super guy.

I never had this issue but I do have a poster of this cover safely stowed away for posterity. :) I don't have either of these issues either...but I love the cover on # day , one day.
I used to collect Crossgen comics and have almost the entire library and this WEIRD homage to Flaggs famous wartime intriguing. EERIE...but intriguing.
OK...I have this one...
and this one.....
This is the one I mentioned in the text posted below. Yes I have this one.
DC comics presents was a great series. They should bring it back.
This is the cover for an old magazine from the 1940's..the title speaks for itself. It is probably the reason they always had UNCLE SAM rolling up his sleeves ready to kick some major ass.

" When I was a wee bit younger I came across an issue of the Justice League of America and saw on the cover the JLA facing off against a bunch of Unknown heroes to me at the time and I was..enthralled. I soon discovered that UNCLE SAM was a comic book character as well as the actual official Macot of the USA. So I became more familiar with him and found that DC was publishing comic books in the 1970's ( The Freedom Fighters ) I have the JLA's and the FF's but the other ones....I searched the web for some of my favorite images of Ol' Sam. I hope you enjoy them."

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