Saturday, April 16, 2011

Will Eisner's THE SPIRIT...

One can talk about Will Eisner's work for hours. Not a lot that is bad can be said about the man as he is a masterful story teller and the art of continuity has been broken down into a science by the man. He has done several stories where there are absolutely no word balloons or captions or even eminata sound effects at all. Here in the examples below are images of issues that I have in my collection. These images are not my scans as I lifted them from the web and off ebay. But I do own these comics. I have the entire WARREN magazine run and the two HARVEY THRILLERS issues and I have several KITCHEN SINK issues and all the archives to date put out by DC comics reprinting so far anything WILL EISNER ever published. I can go on and on about how great he is for days. I can even talk about my favorite stories too. But I want you to see MY FAVORITE SPIRIT COVERS. feel free to peruse and comments are welcome.

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