Saturday, April 23, 2011

My Favorite SWAMP THING covers

Batmans appearance in tis issue Solidified Swampy's rep in DC comics..the story was a great one with the dog and the overcoat and the suspense. Just a great story. The cover below for number 9 casts an iconic image as SWAMPS rises from the muck and mire ready to battle evil!

These stories drawn by Tom Yeates where Swampers meets up with Vampires and angry town folk brings us back to the days of yore when Frankenstein was chased by villagers carrying pitch forks and torches. I never missed an issue.
I love this one where he's fighting off a horde of Vampires.

This issue below was one of those comics I got from my folks when I was in the Hospital and I was astounded by Nestor Redondo's art here. I loved how he drew the big Moss powerful and lumpy...
The color scheme really captured my attention...I always loved blue covers...they're Bluetiful.

You really can't go wrong when ya add a big dino to the mix. In the cover below Swamp Thing gets walloped by THRUDVANG and even further down you can't even take a bath these days without some big Gator trying to eat you.

Bernie Wrightson really freaking knows his stuff man...this cover is CREEEEE...PEEEE!

AND YOU KNOW AS WELL AS I DO..just the idea of mindless robot dogs that just want to shred you alive is a scary thought.

Tom Yeates really has a unique style...he can do beautiful , exciting , suspenseful and tragic all in one amazing drawing. I also love the way he draws ladies. Check out this babe in the yellow.

The Swamp Thing...possibly one of the greatest comic book creations ever. One of the most under rated and one of the characters that has had great success as well. When Bernie Wrightson first drew the character and did the art for the series first volumes he literally blew the roof off the comics industry. His run is one of the classics and is timeless indeed. As time went on Nestor Redondo took over the series and some of my favorite stories were produced during that time and the art to say the least was fantastic. THEN..DC renewed the character and brought him back with EERIE and Macabre stories drawn by Tom Yeates whose work reflected that of Wrightson's. ( Gonna do SWAMPY you gotta have the right guy. ) But...the character evolved still.

John Tottleban and his run raised the stakes on big green and mossie through the stratosphere and once again returned him to an even CREEPIER and more SUPERNATURAL level. These covers do not represent ALL my favorite SWAMP THING covers....because he's one of my favorites. These are more like hilights.

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