Wednesday, November 30, 2011

My favorite MONSTERS!!!

Art by : Gil Kane , John Romita and Tony Dezuniga

Art by Earl Norem

Art by Mike Ploog

Art by Frank Brunner

It's no secret I have always loved comic books. From the time I was 4 years old to now...40 years of comic book collecting and love of the hobby. But superheroes are not my only love...there was also westerns and then there was HORROR comics. ( or is that were the HORROR comics? ) Who cares!!!

The thing about Marvel's horror titles is that they all had the same element to them. The misunderstood monster and his companions or the people who exploited the monster for their own selfish gain and then never ends well for them.

There was always something about each and every monster that made him unique. Probably thre most clever monster was SIMON GARTH...the ZOMBIE!!! He sort of kind of had fleeting recollections about who he was and what it was like to have been alive. The stories were always entertaining and like I said...the bad guy always got it in the end...Horribly!

The Mummy was another one of my favorites...he could think and pretty much communicate with his companions. These covers stand out in my mind because I actually remember purchasing them from off the rack.

If it were not for comic childhood would not have been as fun as it was. I would have made do....but comics made it better.

THESE are my favorite MONSTER comic book covers! Coming soon....GOOM and FIN FANG FOOM!

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