Friday, November 4, 2011


You know…I’ve seen enough disturbing things and I just about had it. Women selling their babies for drugs or money or letting crack heads molest their young daughters for crack or heroin or meth. Then there are the depraved who run around killing and hurting. Then there are the regular sad incidents where people die of natural causes and the family left behind has to move on and deal with the loss of a loved one. Then there is war and terrorism.
Having to accept that this world is so damned messed up and we have to share it with murderers and thieves and people who should be incarcerated for life or even put to death for their heinous crimes is quite enough. PEOPLE have their own free will and we do what we do to move on and learn to live with the facts that it’s a cruel world. So we do…we move on.
But there is another side to the cruel , evil and wicked and that’s what I want to talk about. Cruelty to animals. I have heard news reports about …People tying dogs to trees and lighting them on fire , Cops brutally beating and shooting dogs so paralyzed with fear that all they can do is lay there and take it until they are shot for no apparent reason , People beating their dogs with shovels , Chinese factories where cats and dogs are slaughtered like chickens and cows , Cops putting dogs in trunks of squad cars in 100 degree weather and the result is death by suffocation and a whole list of other cruel acts I do not care to get into……..PEOPLE! I call out to you to stand up and put a stop to this madness.
If you see anyone hurting children or women or kids walking down the street minding their own business or dogs or cats or any other deviant behavior…gang up on the perpetrator like the villagers on Frankenstein and bring these people down , down, down.
Too often I see and hear and read about things and it’s too late. Nothing like this ever happens while I am around and if I ever saw something like the attempted kidnapping of a child…like the Lord from above I will come down like a hammer on that creep and he will be sorry forever.
If I see someone hurting a cat or a dog…guess what? They have a trip to the dentist and I have a new pet. I will not stand for this type of behavior and neither should you.
Gay men being beaten to death while tied to fences , poor men on their way home from work being dragged behind trucks resulting in death.
If I ever…catch somebody being cruel to another human being or a defenseless animal I swear to everything HOLY I will maim them with my bare hands and they will think twice before ever even considering doing it again. There is no room in this world for murderers and rapists and bank robbers and so on. There can never be a Utopia because there are too many evil ones running amok living amongst us.
This is not the bold talk of one man…this is the disgust of one man. If you are disgusted too then do your part and turn in anyone and everyone who fits the category or description of a child abuser. Then remove physically and in force of numbers an animal being tortured or beaten from the previous cruel and unfit owner. Do not wait do not hesitate it will not go away do it right away! Do it now ! Right now if you know someone who has done something vicious and unforgiveable. Then it is your duty to help make the world right. Not doing anything and turning the other way is just as bad a crime. Don’t let it happen put an end and a stop to it now. NOW! THIS HAS BEEN A PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT.

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