Tuesday, December 13, 2011

My favorite INVADERS covers!!

I have always been fascinated with comic books from the original era of the 40's...they were so new and inventive and primitive and exciting all at once. The greatest super heroes came from that era and still to this day leave their indelible mark on the industry. Now...CAPTAIN AMERICA being my favorite HERO of HEROES ( In long underwear anyway ) was always number one on my list of comics I'd love to have from the 40's...sure everyone wants Supes and Bats but I want my CAPS....When Marvel comics released the INVADERS comic book series in the 70's I was ecstatic...these were untold tales of Cap during WWII. The romantic idea of heroic deeds and teamwork with other heroes of the time was not lost on me and my fascination grew. The INVADERS is more than likely one of the best series ever in my opinion. Here are just a few examples of my favorite INVADERS covers by the likes of Frank Robbins , John Romita , Jack Kirby and Alex Schomberg...I'll be buying me that Trade paperback they have out and I'll be reading that puppy from cover to cover...enjoy.

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