Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Like many kids all across the globe where cartoons were shown on Saturday mornings many of my Saturday mornings and daily after school activities were spent watching cartoons as a kid.  I had my favorites...to name a few I loved all the SUPERMAN,AQUAMAN,BATMAN,JUSTICE LEAGUE CARTOONS  and all related materials...Then of course I loved the FANTASTIC FOUR and SPIDER MAN and all the MARVEL SUPER HEROES!!!   But they were not the only cartoons out there.  There were other heroes created by Hanna Barbera to play right along on Saturday mornings with those well known comic book guys. ( FF was a Hanna Barbera toon btw )   HANNA BARBERA'S WORLD OF SUPER ADVENTURE was amazing!!!   MIGHTOR,THE HERCULOIDS,SPACE GHOST,BIRDMAN wow!!!  Cartoons were my life.  I loved cartoons and love them now.
              The late seventies brought along some more really great toons from FILMATION...TARZAN,FLASH GORDON and in the 80's the LONE RANGER.  There are just so many cartoons I could name I could blackout just thinking about them. 
              Sitting indian style on the floor directly in front of the TV eating sugar frosted flakes was a definate must for me all the way up until I turned 13...( Then sports and friends tore me away from the TV )  But I still caught my toonage when I had the chance.  My childhood was the best due to the fact that the cartoons were so good back then.  There is a memory I am not fond of though.  One year when I was 8 I spent two weeks at my grandparents in Florida (  in the house my Mom and Dad now live in - I visited again at 9 then at 10 more of the same treatment )
          But I was not allowed to do shit!  The house was on a river ( Alligators ) my Gandparents owned a boat ( I was not permitted on it ) and it was always 100 degrees that summer.  ( There was no pool it was taken down the year before )  I got up one morning to watch the Superfriends and not even 30 seconds into the intro Grandma came out and turned off the TV and told me to go outside and play.  ( No bike,No other kids,No pool,Super duper hot out )  There was absolutley nothing for me to fucking do and I was bored to death.  During the week in the afternoon there was more of the same I was not allowed to do shit.  So for two weeks I did nothing and got nothing and received nothing from my grandparents.  I stayed in the spooky guest room with all the Jesus and religious statues ( Including that damned plate where his eyes followed you as you walked across the room )
             All I had was 5 or 6 comic books 3 action figures ( MEGOS )  BURKE , VERDON and CORNELIUS and a drawing pad.  So I quietly stayed in there drawing , reading and playing with my action figures.  I hated that trip.  Not one good memory at all.  Then she stayed with us for two weeks when I was 11 there was more of the same crap.  I was not allowed to do shit when she was around.  Then it was lights out at 8 o'clock...what the fuck I was 11?
            She came from a different day and age and actually believed that children should be seen and not heard...  ( I heard them say it many times ) both Grandma and Grandpa shared that same sentiment.  I understand now...being all growed up but back then it was war!!!  Me and my cartoons and Grandma who allowed me no,absolutley none, Priviliges.   Lucky for me when she came to visit...I could go outside.  There was a pool and my friends were around the corner so I could go ride my bike.
             Except for that oppression by my Grandmother my childhood was fantastic despite her efforts to make sure I was miserable and not allowed to do anything.  I still had my cartoons and to this day still watch cartoons regularly.  I pop in DVD's and watch to my hearts content.  My wife puts up with it and understands.
             I loved my Grandparents and never understood their old fashioned ways...god bless and rest in peace...I loved my childhood and would not change one detail if I could ( Even Grandma )


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