Friday, April 27, 2012


I recently purchased a sketch journal and began to bust out sketches doodles and drawings...there are a few Tom Yeates copies just to help sharpen my skill and get my chops back...there are a few Bruce Timm copies as well but there are several of my own compositions and drawings of other characters in here too. It all started with the Gold Key Lone Ranger cover and then I just started running....I realized how much I love drawing again. I can't seem to stop I've been almost obsessing over it into my book like an OCD. I hope you enjoy checking out my sketch journal entires.


  1. I've been pestering all my facebook friends with all this stuff too. It's so much fun! I'm not getting a lot of feedback on my a lot of my freinds are not hip to comic art OR they are comic industry pro's who...really could care less about some hack wannabe lol

  2. yeah and we have been asking for a portfolio (a whattttt?) finally!