Sunday, August 29, 2010

BEOWULF the Graphic novel - Adapted and illustrated by Jerry Bingham

I had read Beowulf in english class in 8th grade and a couple of years later I saw this baby at my local comic book store.." The World of Fantasy " when it was owned by the original owner ED LUXIK who passed away a few years ago.  I talked to him about it and how cool it was to see this as a Graphic novel.
The 1970's DC comics series was not really faithful to the story and it was more of a reimagining.
  Ed was a teacher of Social Studies and a Foot Ball and Wrestling coach and he had a presence like that of
Orson Welles...a Big Burly man...who liked education and comic books....Cancer took him away from us and it is because of this book right here I'll never forget Big Ed!  Thank you Mr. Jerry Bingham for putting out a piece of work/history that has had  a real impact on me and my memories and my life and it'll be fond memories of fond times for the rest of my days.....Cover art by - Jerry Bingham.

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