Saturday, August 28, 2010


On a trip to Florida when I was 10..this comic book was my lifeline...I spent 2 weeks in Florida and it was the most boring time of my life.  It was so hot and there were alligators and I was not allowed to watch TV ( Grandma said kids belonged playing outside...and Bedtime was 7 o'clock...torture!!!! ) I had this comic book to keep me busy.  I read it every day for 2 weeks.
   Never send a kid to stay with his grandparents if they're homebodies who don't know how to trat a kid.
I could have gone to Sea world or Disney or even for Ice cream someplace but no...outside..alligators and in bed by 7....among the worst most boring times of my life.
   But I still loved my Grandparents unconditionally.  Just could not understand why I was treated that way?
Art By Ross Andru.

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