Saturday, August 28, 2010

A new blog...Disclaimer.

I'm starting a new blog..MYSPACE has gotten lame.  Here on this blog I can stratch my legs a bit more and expound a little about each cover and the impact it made on my life at the time.  It's going to be fun because thwere are so freaking many goddamned favorite covers of mine that they all get a showcase.  Of course I do not have permission to publish or reproduce these pieces of art and they are all copywritten to particular business establishments but my blog is for review purposes only...I talk about how I like the art or I talk about the artist or whatever..It's for review purposes  only.  It will take some time and I only started with a few to get the ball rolling but I have a MYSPACE profile that is public and I will be transferring the entire cover gallery to this blog...gotta work on the resolution a bit get the picture eh?

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