Monday, August 30, 2010


Theres a funny story behind this one.  A long time ago when I was like 12 my Aunt owned a deli/grocery store in Elmont  ( Nana's Deli )  She let me have this comic book...over time I lost it or whatever.
    So about 6 years ago I wanted it , I just got a bug for it and went on a search for it.  I scoured and scoured  conventions and comic shops all over Long Island and the city with no luck.  I had given up hope on trying to find it...I could not even find a copy on EBAY at the time.
    So one day...I was dropping my wife off at a local theatre here on the Island to see a production of JOSEPH and the AMAZING TECHNICOLOR DREAMCOAT...well right in the same shopping center was a brand new hobby and comic book store.  Not even expecting to find it I found was in a box with a whole bunch of sports cards price guides...WHY? An entire box of  Sports cards price guides and one lonely Monster Mag!  Just my Luck!  The lady behind the counter sold it to me for 2 bucks.  It was in the box marked 2 bucks so I got it for 2 bucks...I was happy.  So Iwent to Wendy's ate a burger and a Frosty and read my comic....ahhh.  My wife came out of the show with her friends and I was all excited to tell her.
       She was very happy for me.  Cover art for MARVEL PREVIEW # 8 by KEN BARR

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