Sunday, May 29, 2011

Superman and John Byrne.

Every one remembers the great cover to FF 249 right? Well a popular thing with John Byrne has always been to use the same composition but in a different locale. He did a reinterpretation of FF 249 on the cover of SUPERMAN number 8 only the trounced FF were now replaced by the trounced LEGION and GLADIATOR was now replaced by Superman. BUT!!! I guess he did it for posterity or perhaps as a commission he did another reinterpretation of the famous cover only this time with SUPE'S trouncing the FF. John Byrne does beautiful work and I really loved that whole FF storyline. I also really loved BYRNES run on SUPERMAN! Making for some of my favorite comics and my favorite covers!!!

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  1. I've been a John Byrne fan for a long time now. His run on The Uncanny X-Men is amazing and I loved his work on The Fantastic Four as well.