Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Evel Knievel # 1

This comic book came with the toy. You had to buy the whole stunt cycle set in order to get the comic. Whenever I got the set there was no comic..DAMN! But I always managed to somehow get what I wanted. A friend of mine in Elementary/Grammar school gave me his. He was not as big into comics as I nor was he as big an Evel fan...nor a big fan of Action figures. So I benefitted by his giving me the comic book. I loved that book and read it until it fell apart. Oh sure over the years I got another one and in fact buy more if I run across them. They are usually pretty cheap...5 bucks 10 bucks nothing too bad.

I also loved the ads on the back of the regular comic books available at newstands. There were about 6 in all but...these two seen here along with the comic book are my favorites


  1. This has always been one of my favorite covers. And I'm old enough to have gotten with my own Evel Knievel set.

  2. wow! the first comic i ever wanted.