Wednesday, May 29, 2013 Alan Davis

Anyone else notice this obvious ( To me anyway ) homage by Alan Davis to the fantastic first team up of the two Masthead franchise characters by the big two?  The big two by the big two...  Even if it is not specifically designed to be an homage I could not help but immediately picture this back to back smile for the camera pose.   A lot of effort and energy went into that team up back in 19 and 76...according to wiki =
Penciller(s)Ross Andru
Neal Adams (major Superman figure re-draws [1])
John Romita, Sr. (Marvel character head touch-ups)
Inker(s)Dick Giordano
Terry Austin (uncredited, backgrounds)
Joe Rubinstein (assist)
Bob Wiacek (assist)
    and then we have Alan Davis' rendition... Great job always of course.

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